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As the Salesforce Practice Leader for Messina’s Consulting division, I’m fortunate to have the chance to meet Salesforce professionals of all stripes. With our consulting practice hiring and our staffing practice placing professionals, its no surprise that, from time to time, my conversations with other individuals revolves around making a career move.

Although there are numerous resources available to grow your Salesforce knowledge, a less exciting trend that I’ve noticed of late is that Salesforce Professionals are feeling like they have “stalled out” in their current position. While so many companies are constantly innovating on the platform, there are unfortunately those that remain stuck in the slow lane. Salesforce professionals who find themselves in such an environment often feel stagnant, like they aren’t expanding their skills or exploring new areas of the platform, which leaves them asking the question, “Where do I go from here?”

Here are a few thoughts on how to find the answer and regain momentum:

Decide What You Really Want to Do

People at this crossroad often find themselves looking at roles as a System Administrator, or wondering about life as a consultant. Think about what best aligns with your personal and career goals, and if you are having trouble, be sure to reach out to someone who can share insight from experience.

If you are an admin thinking of going into consulting, talk to someone in your network who has worked as a consultant. Get a sense of the professional path you can expect to take but also consider how your personal life may change.

If you are a Salesforce Administrator considering moving into another Administrator role, really dig in with the hiring team to understand how technology is being used and what plans are in place for the future, or you may find yourself in the same position all over again.

Don’t Stop Learning

Even if your organization is not utilizing all of the features and tools that you’d like to get your hands on, that’s no reason to stop learning and exploring the platform. Get a Personal Development instance so that you have an environment for learning by doing. Trailhead is a great way to explore new features through guide modules with hands-on exercises.

Showcase your Skills
Get Certified. If you are looking to make a change to a role where Salesforce skills are required, the certification program serves as one way to validate the skills you claim on your resume. LinkedIn is a great place to showcase your certifications.

Be a Networker
Salesforce user groups are a great place to learn, share and connect with other users. Getting out of the office from time to time isn’t too bad either. User groups and Salesforce events provide a venue to meet with potential employers in the Salesforce ecosystem. Perhaps, even more importantly for someone wondering “what’s next,” these venues offer an opportunity to meet with a diverse group of professionals willing to share their experiences.

If you are feeling that your Salesforce career is at a stall. Step back and consider what you really want in a next step. Always be sharpening your skills, don’t be afraid to advertise your accomplishments and interact with the community. You’ll find that you are moving in the right direction again.


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