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The Value of a Strategic Roadmap for BI & Analytics

Most organizations fail to realize that in order to ensure the success of your Analytics implementations, you must have a strategic plan to maximize the value and impact of your investment. However, aligning these initiatives to your organizational business strategy is the key.

Every Successful Business Intelligence Journey Starts with a Roadmap

Where is the business value? Where should you invest? Is your organization ready for change? Most organizations recognize the need to ensure accurate and timely data is at the fingertips of their business for decision support purposes, but how do you determine the right information to deliver? How do you make sure it is supporting your overall business strategy? Moreover, how do you deliver this information and what technologies do you use?

The answer is you start with a business driven, strategic roadmap for Analytics. For any BI & Analytics program to be successful, it is essential to ensure your path forward is properly aligned with your organization’s business strategy and geared towards delivering specific business value at near-term intervals along the way.

More importantly, your roadmap should be specifically tailored to your organization, taking into account not only your business strategies, but your culture, people and process, to make sure you are set up for a successful voyage and with the full alignment of the business and IT.

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