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Talent Advisory

Great Talent solves many problems.

Talent Management is a pain point for many organizations and some companies have a broken talent management strategy. Engage our Team of Talent experts to re-imagine how you attract and retain top talent and become a Talent Acquisition machine.

We all strive to attract and retain great Talent. But what are some of the better Talent Management practices in the marketplace? How do I assess my Talent Management people, process, and technology capabilities and build a pragmatic plan which delivers results quickly? 

It’s much easier than it sounds and starts with Messina.

We work with fast growing organizations that need effective Talent Management strategies yesterday and don’t have huge budgets.

Plan, Focus, and Speed​

Effective plans have two components: 1) Input from your key stakeholders and 2) an outside cross-industry perspective of better practices. We know how to build compelling talent management strategies that your team buys into and is excited to execute.

That’s step one and the fun part.

Then we work with your team and focus on execution or the heavy lifting. We are more than a Talent Advisory firm…we get our hands dirty and stay on through execution and value realization. A winning combination.

Key Questions To Consider:

Do we have the right Talent Management Strategy?

What is the story behind our Talent Management Data?

Do we have the right People, Processes, and Tech stack to Attract, Develop, and Retain top Talent?

What Talent Management capabilities should we Insource and Outsource?

Need to improve your Recruiting Process?

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