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Talent Acquisition

Reduce your Time-to-Hire and Cost-per-Hire.

Hiring great talent in a timely manner is a major challenge on many fronts...Time, Cost, Quality to name a few. Messina works with you to reduce your Time-to-Hire, Cost-per-Hire, and quality of candidates.

Most organizations believe they have the Talent Acquisition capabilities to support their business plan…after all, that’s how they attracted their current team. However, going from X to 5X is a new and difficult challenge if you don’t have the right team, streamlined processes, and/or industry leading recruiting tech stack. We help fast growing companies transform their Talent Management processes and tech stack so they can meet their hiring plans.

We help you answer these questions and more, so you can find the Right People to execute your Business strategy.

  • How do you measure Talent Acquisition success?

  • Should you outsource some or all your Talent Acquisition capabilities?

  • How do I select and implement a leading Talent Management tech stack?

  • What are your best sources for Talent?

  • Can your Talent Acquisition bandwidth flex up or down?

Our Talent Acquisition Brands

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Financial &

Project Management

Sales & Marketing

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Need to improve your Recruiting Process?

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