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Talent Development and Retention

Hire-to-Retire and increase employee tenure.

Hire great Talent, invest in their future, and retain your key players. Sounds easy, however very few organizations do it well. Work with Messina to understand your true cost of turnover and how to lower it significantly.

Top performing companies understand the true cost of turnover and what drives performance. That’s why they make sizable investments in developing their culture, measuring employee engagement, career pathing employees, and understanding the labor market. ​

Data-driven Insights Improve Retention

Strong relationships between managers and their team are important. However, at times, important decisions are made based on relationships rather than need or performance and the result can be very costly. 

Leading companies use data to make informed decisions regarding their employees e.g. identification of training needs, career development plans, employee engagement and identification of who’s at risk, performance improvement plans, and more. 

Key Questions To Consider:

Do you have the data you need to make informed decisions regarding employee development and retention?

Do you know the story your data is telling you regarding employee turnover?

Can you measure the effectiveness of your career pathing process? By Department By Manager?

Need help developing and retaining your Talent?