Talent Management Analytics

The Data sets your people apart and tells the story.

Understand the Story Behind Your Talent Management Data and Make Informed Decisions.

Talent Management leaders understand that data is essential to making informed decisions and optimizing how they attract and retain employees. Yet most leaders don’t have the data they need to make critical Talent Management decisions regarding performance measurement, raises, promotions, hiring decisions, and more.

Making informed decisions does move the needle. We work with management teams and teach them what data they need to improve Talent Management, and how to analyze and take action based on the story behind the data.

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We partnered to develop a plan to implement Payroll Automation

Talent Management Analytics Solutions

What is the business value?

Where should we invest?

What is wrong with our current process?

These are common questions organizations ask themselves before embarking on major Talent Analytics initiatives.  It helps to have a trusted advisor who knows the Talent Acquisition and Business Intelligence space to help ensure the success of your Talent Acquisition Analytics initiative.

As experts in Business Analytics and Talent Acquisition subject matter experts, Messina Group brings valuable insight and can work with your organization in a number of ways to ensure you have a plan for success.

Clarity Workshop

A quick hitting 1-2 day engagement which highlights the business case and value behind Talent Management Analytics. 

Strategic Roadmap

A Talent Management Roadmap that frames up and prioritizes your strategic initiatives.

Platform Selection and Implementation

Select and implement the right technology platform for your Talent Management solution. 

Analyze | Act

Working with your team to ensure you realize value from your Talent Management solution. 

Need to Improve your Recruiting Process and Tech Stack?

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