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Talent Management Analytics

Unlock your Data to Empower HR.

More than ever, Value Creation plans are tied to improving Employee Performance, Talent Acquisition Efficiency, and Retention.

Talent Management leaders understand that there is a tremendous opportunity to utilize analytics to impact HR. Data driven HR departments experience a 50% decrease in turnover rate, and an 80% increase in recruiting efficiency. In fact, nearly 75% of HR leaders say analytics will be a major initiative over the next five years.

Despite this opportunity, HR remains a laggard in the analytics space, as only 1 in 4 HR leaders rate their HR data capabilities as “strong.” The reasons are all too familiar – a lack of investment has left HR with limited resources and tools, low data literacy, and a myriad of complex, fragmented data to wrangle.

Messina Group partners with HR leaders to develop modern solutions to harness the power of their data and make impacts across the HR function.


Example Talent Management Dashboards

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Talent Management Analytics Solutions

What is the business case?
How do we get started?
How do we ensure alignment?

These are common questions organizations ask themselves before embarking on a Talent Analytics initiative.  As a trusted advisor, Messina Group can help you right-size the effort, prioritize your initiatives, and plan for organization-wide adoption.

As experts in Business Analytics and Talent Acquisition, Messina Group can work with your organization in several ways to ensure you have a plan for success.

Clarity Workshop

A quick hitting 1-2 day engagement which highlights the business case and value behind Talent Management Analytics.

Strategic Roadmap

A Talent Management Roadmap that frames up and prioritizes your strategic initiatives and creates your adoption plan.

Platform Selection and Implementation

Select and implement the right technology platform for your Talent Management solution.

Analyze | Act

Once the platform is in place, we partner with your team to ensure you realize value from your Talent Management solution.

Ready to make an impact with your data?

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