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FastTrack™ 100 Analytics

Get the Key Performance Metrics you need in the First 100 Days of your new acquisition.

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In an acquisitive environment, disparate systems and data sources make access to business critical data time consuming and resource intensive. Our proven FastTrack™ 100 Analytics solution is uniquely designed to solve the challenges you face during your First 100 days post-close of a Platform, Add-on or Tuck-in acquisition. Leveraging our deep data, technology expertise combined with our extensive M&A industry functional knowledge, our FastTrack™ 100 Analytics solution sets you up for success in your First 100 Days to accelerate your Value Creation Plan.

Messina’s FastTrack 100 Analytics solution helps PE Firms and their PortCo Leadership Teams gain a critical line of sight into their business in the First 100 Days.

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Gain Speed to Financial & Operational Insights

Our M&A Analytics SWAT Team™ will deliver the critical Line of Sight you need to understand your business in less than 100 days.

The Problem:

When you acquire a new company, you need data-driven insights about its Financial and Operational performance in order to make critical business decisions as soon as possible. Unfortunately, you are faced with the challenge of a bespoke book of data metrics, definitions and contexts, typically residing in disparate systems and data sources. This complicates your data consolidation efforts and impedes progress, and in addition, your resources are required to spend their time working through cumbersome data processes, as opposed to running the business and preparing for scalable growth.


Our Solution:

With FastTrack™ 100 Analytics, your team is empowered to quickly evaluate your new company, understand its key Financial and Operational uncover any potential financial issues, and determine your growth plan. With clean data and interactive dashboards and reports, you can truly understand the company’s key metrics, risk profile, growth opportunities, and value in the broader marketplace.

Slice & Dice your Data

  • Work with clean, de-duplicated, and enriched data
  • Quickly slice and dice your key performance metrics

Gain Data-Driven Insights

  • Inform your Growth Strategy
  • Model future acquisitions

Develop your Analytics Roadmap

  • Detail and Prioritize data assets and delivery timeline

Ready to get started?

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