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FastTrack™ Deal Analytics

Analytics to Accelerate your M&A Transaction.

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Data issues commonly cause a delay, abandonment, or needless friction in the deal process. Our Deal Analytics solution combines our deep data and technology expertise with M&A industry functional knowledge to address common data-related pain points. Our FastTrack™ Deal Analytics solution provides value along each phase of the deal, from kickoff through close, expediting the deal process, telling a more powerful story in the marketplace, and reducing friction during the close process.

Messina’s Deal Analytics solution is a differentiator for us. Having worked with many consulting firms, I can truly say the Messina team brings a powerful combination of business, operations and technology knowledge and insights.

Alysia Tan

Managing Director

Messina’s FastTrack Deal Analytics solution helps leading  Investment banks and Private Equity firms tell a compelling story about a deal.

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Buy-Side Deal Analytics

Accelerate your Due Diligence process and see where you best opportunities lie.

Buy Side Problem:

When evaluating a target company, it can be challenging to digest and verify the data provided during due diligence. Often, valuable time and resources are spent working through cumbersome data processes, as opposed to informing a growth plan or expediting the decision to abandon a deal.

Our Solution:

With FastTrack™ Deal Analytics, your team is empowered to quickly evaluate the target company, uncover any potential financial issues, and determine your growth plan. With clean data and interactive dashboards and reports, you can truly understand the company’s key metrics, risk profile, growth opportunities, and value in the broader marketplace.

FastTrack™ your Due Diligence

  • Reveal data and financial issues
  • Validate revenue/forecast models
  • Recover stagnated deals

Inform your Growth Plan

  • Data-driven insights
  • Scenario planning & what-if analysis

Post-Close Accelerator

  • Leverage established data mapping and metric definitions
  • Utilize pre-built insights to manage critical areas of the business
  • Begin executing the value creation plan on Day 1 with FastTrack™ 100 Analytics

Sell-Side Deal Analytics

Accelerate your GTM process and create a more dynamic presentation of your PortCo’s value in your CIP with Messina’s Deal Analytics custom dashboards.

Sell Side Problem:

Data and Analytics often slow down your Sell Side process, in some cases, resulting in a deal completely stalling or falling apart. From data collection and presentation through responding to ad-hoc data requests throughout due diligence, Data and Analytics is frustrating and time-consuming for all parties.

Our Solution:

Our Deal Analytics solution helps expedite your Sell Side process. We help Portfolio Companies get their Data and Analytics prepared before you Go-to-Market, allowing you to accelerate the development and impact of your Confidential Information Presentation (CIP).

Rich visualizations tell your compelling story to prospective buyers. And, once you are under a Letter of Intent (LOI), Deal Analytics helps to advance the close with interactive, self-service dashboards and reports. Our white-glove service saves time, reduces deal risk, and enhances your Enterprise Market Value (EMV).

Accelerate the GTM Process

  • Expedited, right-sized data acquisition process
  • Flexible data model with key performance metrics and ‘slice & dice’ capabilities
  • Architected to handle large data volumes

Compelling, Data-Driven Storytelling

  • Data-driven insights
  • Inform the growth strategy/forecast model
  • Rich visualizations to create a more compelling CIP

Improve Speed-to-Close

  • Reduce deal friction with self-service reporting
  • Position the PortCo as a data-driven organization
  • QoE ready data

Ready to close deals faster?

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Messina Group FastTrack™ Deal Analytics solution logo

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Messina Group FastTrack™ Deal Analytics solution logo

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