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Highperforming restaurants are making data-led decisions to impact profitability.

Restaurant Management Groups are unlocking growth and optimization opportunities with data, analytics, and AI.

Restaurants are increasingly turning to data to create a competitive advantage and impact margins. Within every restaurant, there is a trove of valuable data, tracking each interaction with a customer, staff productivity, inventory usage, and more. Restaurants that can integrate that data and create meaningful insights into critical areas such as revenue, food cost, labor management, loss prevention, and menu-mix are seeing a significant boost in financial performance.   

However, data sources have never been more siloed and disparate due to the industry evolving with third-party delivery solutions and online ordering. Messina Group has a track record of helping these organizations integrate their disparate sources of data and leverage data, analytics, and AI to realize quantifiable business value.  

Who we help: 

  • Restaurant Brands 
  • QSR Brands or Franchisors 
  • Restaurant Management Groups 
  • Aggregators and Holding Companies 
  • PE-owned Restaurant Groups 

Our senior team of experts will work with you in a co-management, collaborative manner to plan and execute your digital and data-focused initiatives. 

We have been working for years with Messina Group as trusted advisors for all things data and analytics. They’ve helped us elevate our reporting and time to action to real-time insights into all our KPIs. 

Having rolled this out to our 700+ locations across nine concepts, this is truly impacting our performance with data-led decisions at all levels of the organization.

David Tresko

Executive Vice President, Revenue Management

Restaurant & Hospitality Solutions

Digital Transformation

The Problem:

Many restaurants struggle to realize their desired business value from Digital Transformation initiatives. Beyond the typical people challenges, complexity can be high due to the differences among concepts, regions, and varying technical landscapes. Franchisees are often further restricted by technology or processes dictated by their franchisor. Despite the vast opportunities for digitization to impact performance, determining how best to chart your own Digital Transformation path without a trusted expert can prove challenging.

Our Solution:

Digitization can empower management, lower labor costs, and significantly impact your bottom line. Messina Group is a Trusted Advisor to Restaurant Management Groups, here to help you develop a Digital Strategy and execute a successful program to help you realize ROI. We bring a senior team of industry and technical SMEs who work with you in a co-management, collaborative manner to help you navigate the rapidly changing Digital landscape to execute your initiatives.
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Talent Management

The Problem:

The #1 reason most Restaurants miss their growth plan is voids in the leadership team. Attracting, hiring and retaining the right talent is a major challenge, and without data-led insights, it’s even more difficult to manage the labor force effectively.

Our Solution:

At Messina Group, we take a consultative approach to Talent Management that delivers proven results. Our Talent Teams work with you to streamline your recruiting process and decrease your time to hire – management level and above. And we can help you drive out data-led insights to help you measure and manage your labor costs, retention rates, and other metrics to run your operations more efficiently.
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Analytics & AI

The Problem:

Operating on thin margins, many restaurants understand the critical opportunities to help manage profitability: customer experience, labor optimization, loss prevention, and food cost. Standing in the way is the difficulty in consolidating all the disparate data sources and transforming them into meaningful, actionable insights that can be understood by the leadership team and store/district managers alike. Once the insights are in place, you need to build and nurture a data-driven culture to adopt and embrace data-led decisions.

Our Solution:

Messina Group brings a wealth of expertise in helping restaurants and franchisee groups integrate their data and build Analytics solutions that can meet the evolving needs of the business. We work with your team to deliver content based on business priority and value, creating a program that offers quicker realization of ROI on an incremental investment schedule. More than technologists, we pair our deep data analytics capabilities with change management methodologies to ensure data is embraced throughout the organization.

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