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With more than 30 years of experience, our expertise runs deep in a wide variety of industries, giving us a unique perspective and fresh approach to help our clients overcome their toughest business challenges.

From driving more Revenue to creating Operational efficiencies to Procurement –

We help our Clients Accelerate Growth.

Messina Consulting Private Equity

Private Equity & Portfolio

New Data-Driven insights gained by consolidating disparate data sources are helping to unlock growth opportunities for Portfolio companies. Successful leaders are increasingly driven by analytics rather than instinct or experience.

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Investment Banking Solutions

Messina helps Investment Banks Win more Deals and accelerate Deal Flow. There are tremendous opportunities for Investment Banks to leverage digital technology and analytics to accelerate value creation.

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Business Services

Accelerating your growth and creating a competitive advantage in Business Services is dependent upon delivering exceptional service to your end customers.

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Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage manufacturers are leveraging digital solutions to streamline operations and becoming more data driven. IOT, AI, Analytics, Smart Warehousing, eCommerce, and Robotics are solutions which are delivering strong ROI

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Data consolidation from many disparate data sources is helping unlock growth opportunities for eCommerce companies. Decisions are increasingly driven by analytics rather than instinct or experience.

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Healthcare companies can deliver better value and services to patients if they build a Data culture that fuels innovation and drives out cost and complexity.

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Traditionally, manufacturing has lagged behind other industries in IT capabilities and annual spend. Today and for the next near future, Advanced Analytics will be a strategic IT investment for most manufacturers. 

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Most Nonprofit organizations have very manual, paper-based processes. Nonprofits can realize huge productivity, service level, and support gains from Digitizing their operations and leveraging Advanced Analytics

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