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FastTrack™ Analytics

Your M&A Analytics Swat Team™ – Get you the data you need to GTM faster, close deals faster, and jump-start your acquisitions post-close.

Messina’s decades of M&A experience combined with our deep Advanced Analytics expertise deliver the insights you need from your deal data.

Think of us as an extension of your Deal Team. We work alongside Investment Bank, PE Firm, and C-Suite deal teams to extract the performance data you need from disparate systems to deliver critical insights into your hands ASAP.

Our FastTrack™ Analytics Solutions

Accelerate your GTM process and create a more dynamic presentation of your PortCo’s value in your CIP with Messina's Deal Analytics custom dashboards.
Leverage our M&A business and data & AI experts to gain the critical insights and reporting you need from your new acquisition in your First 100 Days.

Sell Side Problem:

When a PE firm decides to sell a portfolio company, a Sell Side IT Due Diligence assessment may or may not be performed. This can be a lost opportunity. In addition, most IT Due Diligence vendors focus on IT issues (e.g., infrastructure, applications, security, limitations, scalability, and IT capabilities and leadership). Today, Digital Transformation is a major driver for Value Creation, and the “Art of the Possible” needs to be uncovered and opportunities identified as these meaningful insights can drive the Value Creation plan of the PortCo's buyer.

Our Solution:

Complete Sell Side IT / Digital Due Diligence reports are a competitive advantage to help you and your firm sell your PortCo at a higher multiple, with Value Creation opportunities outlined and prioritized to help the new owner execute and grow the company to the next level.

Our experienced team of business and technology leaders have first-hand M&A experience, are experts at identifying Value Creation opportunities, and understand how to transform companies into data- and process-driven “Digital” companies.


  • Comprehensive IT / Digital Assessment (Sell Side DD)
  • M&A Maturity and Readiness
  • Each engagement is customizable

The MG Difference

Everything you would expect from IT DD and More:

  • Senior-level delivery team – Business & Technology experts
  • Assessments through the lens of your Value Creation Plan
  • Strategic Digital Strategy Roadmap with new Value Creation Opportunities

Our Approach

More than a Check the Box IT Inventory – a Holistic approach:

  • Understand whether the technology architecture will scale to support your future growth
  • Understand how well the Business and IT are aligned
  • Identify the top Digital Technology Value Creation opportunities and discover New Opportunities
  • Gain clarity on End User adoption of technology and technology usability
  • Understand how vulnerable the company is to cyber attacks

Buy Side Problem:

When evaluating a target company, it can be challenging to digest and verify the data provided during due diligence. Often, valuable time and resources are spent working through cumbersome data processes, as opposed to informing a growth plan or expediting the decision to abandon a deal.

Our Solution:

With Deal Analytics, your team is empowered to quickly evaluate the target company, uncover any potential financial issues, and determine your growth plan. With clean data and interactive dashboards and reports, you can truly understand the company’s key metrics, risk profile, growth opportunities, and value in the broader marketplace.

Messina’s Deal Analytics solution is a differentiator for us. Having worked with many consulting firms, I can truly say the Messina team brings a powerful combination of business, operations and technology knowledge and insights.

Alysia Tan

Managing Director

Fast-Track Due Diligence

  • Reveal data and financial issues
  • Validate revenue/forecast models
  • Recover stagnated deals

Inform your Growth Plan

  • Data-driven insights
  • Scenario planning & what-if analysis

Post-Close Accelerator

  • Leverage established data mapping and metric definitions
  • Utilize pre-built insights to manage critical areas of the business
  • Begin executing the value creation plan on Day 1

Ready to accelerate your M&A process?