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Social Listening

Protect your brand, understand your audience, engage your consumers, and track emerging trends by harnessing social intelligence.

Many organizations are eager to utilize the vast array of social media data available to gain competitive insights.

However, many face the same challenge: how to take advantage of this rapidly evolving technology, which uses cutting edge AI/ML, NLP, image detection, and automated signaling features, to produce tangible business value

We partner with our clients to bring structure and meaning to social listening analytics initiatives, helping them develop and implement a clear business case with a supporting architecture and a right-sized platform.

Featured Client Success Story

Trade Association harnesses AI led social listening and is able to defend and grow their reputation, identify & active key influencers, and predict important social trends.

Social Listening Services

Our consultants work with you to develop your business case and functional use cases for social listening, informing your future state architecture and the selection criteria for your platform of choice. Once the plan is in place, we partner with you to implement the architecture and begin the realization of business value.

Our Social Listening Services Include:

Assessment and Strategy

Develop your organizational strategy, use cases, and business case for social listening.

Data Architecture

Define your future state data architecture and how best to incorporate social listening.

Platform Selection

Run a rigorous platform selection process to find the best possible social listening software and terms for your business case.


Bring your business case to life with a structured implementation.

Change Management

Empower your decision makers to utilize social listening to make better business decisions.

Org Design & Governance

Create the proper business processes and governance structure to sustain and grow the platform.

Are you ready to leverage your data?