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Data Management & Governance

Data is an asset. While most data ecosystems are plagued with unmanaged, untrusted data, organizations can increase the speed to insights with unified Data Management & Governance plan.

Get it clean. Keep it clean. It is a challenge most organizations face, and many are all too familiar with the downstream consequences of mismanaged data.

We help organizations install a sound data governance program and offer information management frameworks to align people and processes to deliver data quality and availability. An aligned data management capability can become a core competency for an organization and provide a competitive advantage.

Featured Client Success Story

Due to multiple manufacturing facilities with individual processes, systems, and cultures, our Client was experiencing wide spread issues with general Data Governance, with specific pain on Master Data Management. Key master data domains such as product, customer, material, all had different sources of record and caused significant issues with business processes, inventory visibility, and efficiencies in formulation.

Data Management & Governance Services

What’s more, our consultants can help you assess your human capital needs and technology requirements, helping you craft a change management program that fully aligns systems, processes, and technology to fully govern your data assets.

Our Data Management and Governance services include:

Data Assessment & Strategy

Develop a holistic strategy to clean, govern, and monetize your data. 

Master Data Management

Develop best practice people, process, and technology to master your core subject areas.

Data Governance Planning and Framework

Develop the plan and processes to resource and institute a Data Governance Framework.

Human Capital Assessments

Identify organizational human capital needs or training initiatives to execute Data Governance.

Platform Selection & Implementation

A use-case driven approach to selecting and implementing leading MDM tools.

Data Profiling

Examine your data assets to gauge data quality. 

Change Management

Develop change management programs to ensure Data Governance processes are understood and followed. 

Data Catalogue / Dictionary

Promote visibility and comprehension with data lineage and documentation. 

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