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Budgeting, Forecasting & Planning

Break free from the limitations of spreadsheets with powerful Budgeting, Forecasting, and Scenario Planning Technology.

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Our Budgeting & Forecasting practice helps you implement leading practices, and become more efficient and data-driven. Our services span from software selection & implementation, to rolling forecasts & scenario planning, to reporting & analytics.

From the inefficiencies of e-mailing, consolidating spreadsheets, to the overall error prone nature of Excel- the Budgeting cycles are known for being arduous. Most organizations are never able to move beyond annual budgeting to more value-add activities, like drive-based planning, forecasting, and what-if analysis. 

  • How do you do this well and efficiently?

  • What are the right tools? 

  • Can you avoid the pains associated with spreadsheets?

Messina Group can help you take a data-driven approach to this process, employing automation and technology to allow you to spend more time on planning and forecasting.

Simplify, Extend, and Empower

Our budgeting and forecasting capabilites can help our clients reach the next level of performance management with the following services:

Financial Reporting & Consolidation

Leverage flexible software to eliminate manual processes & errors, and automate a single set of financial statements.

Driver-based forecasting

Develop strategic, forward-looking plans that are aligned to the key operational levers of the business.

Predictive modeling

Utilize predictive models to efficiently set Annual Operating Plans and develop baseline forecasts

Process Assessment & Strategy

A strategic engagement which will focus on the people, process, and technology components of your current state to diagnose barriers to an efficient budgeting process. This engagement will help you identify quick-wins, value-add initiatives, process alignment, and automation opportunities for your organization to achieve the desired future state.

Platform Selection & Implementation

Messina Group will help your organization define the future state Use Cases of your Budgeting, Forecasting, and Consolidation process. These Use Cases will help facilitate a rigorous selection process of a leading budgeting and forecasting platform, including the negotiation of the software licensing terms and conditions. Post selection, Messina will help your organization manage the implementation, ensuring the successful rollout and realization of value for the new platform.

We help you accelerate value creation at the intersection of Business and Technology.

Are you ready to leverage your data?