Cybersecurity threats are pervasive, and bad actors are becoming increasingly sophisticated and dangerous.

High stakes financial fraud occurs not only when YOUR company has a cybersecurity breach, but also when YOUR CLIENTS OR SUPPLIERS experience a breach.

Consider these actual events that occurred in the past few weeks:
  • The CFO’s email account was hacked. Their pharmaceutical client was ready to pay  $300K to “the supplier’s new routing number”. Fortunately, the bank flagged the transaction and stopped it before the funds were transferred to the hacker.
  • A manufacturer was not so fortunate. They received what appeared to be a legitimate invoice from their longtime logistics vendor and unwittingly deposited $1,000,000 straight into the hacker’s account.
You and your portfolio Leadership Teams already have a lot on your plate. So who is “Minding the Store” to expertly assess the Cybersecurity Risk exposure in your Portfolio?

Q: When was your last Cybersecurity Audit performed?

  • Are you ready to comply with the SEC’s newly proposed cybersecurity risk management rules that impact PE Firms?
  • What will you tell your investors when there’s a cyber breach?
  • Will you be able to demonstrate specific, proactive measures to Assess and Minimize your cyber risk exposure on an ongoing basis?
  • Do you know what core processes in your company are ripe for financial fraud? 
  • Do you have the expertise to discover the potential areas of risk exposure – in both your technology and processes?
  • Do you need help with the Assessment of your Cybersecurity Risk and creation of an Actionable Plan for remediation?

During this brief (typically two week) engagement, our Senior Team of Cybersecurity and Business Experts work with you and your portfolio companies’ Leadership Teams to:

  • Develop your Portfolio-wide Cybersecurity Baseline standard
  • Audit each of your PortCos and their MSPs vs. your PE Firm’s Cybersecurity Baseline
  • Discover areas of Cybersecurity exposure risk
  • Create a CyberHealth Scorecard for each portfolio company 
  • Provide a prioritized, actionable Risk Remediation Plan 


Want peace of mind? Messina can help you “mind the store” – with annual or semi-annual cybersecurity audits – across your portfolio.

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