Make data-driven decisions that lead to lasting Sales & Marketing improvement and accelerate your revenue growth.

Sales & Marketing Empowerment

Rise to the Next Level - Beyond Sales & Marketing Enablement to Sales & Marketing Empowerment - Blending Advanced Analytics, Process Optimization, Sales & Marketing Automation, and the right Talent to accelerate Value Creation

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You already know Sales & Marketing Enablement – Using automation tools, content, and information to help your Sales and Marketing teams engage more buyers. But what about all the other factors that are critical to reaching your revenue goals?  Do you have the right Talent on your team? Do you need more, qualified “at bats” in your pipeline? What about your processes and messaging? Is Sales aligned with Marketing? Do your reps know which prospects to focus on each day to close more deals, faster?

We help our fast-growing Clients vet and select the right Automation Tools to meet their needs, double their Sales Teams, increase inbound Lead Generation, streamline their Sales & Marketing Processes, and implement Pricing Strategies to improve Gross Margin to address their pain points. These are quick wins with high impact for fast growing companies. 

We work with Leadership teams and take an Analytics approach to deliver effective Sales & Marketing Empowerment solutions and accelerate your Value Creation plan.


Core Growth Stack

Do you have the right tech for your growth stack?

Value Creation Through Digital Transformation As your organization grows, you need to build the right tech stack to empower your Sales and Marketing teams for success. Download our free infographic that outlines the 15 technology categories most modern companies need in their growth stack.

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National Sales Manager

“I have trusted Messina Group as my Sales and Marketing Advisor for several years now so I could focus on driving revenue. Their team did all the heavy lifting to help me source and vet the new Sales talent I needed to more than double my national sales team and helped us improve our Sales Process and productivity. They provided the Analytics we needed to help us improve our Pricing decisions and increase our overall Gross Margins.”

Sales & Marketing Empowerment Advisory Services

We help our clients make data driven decisions which lead to lasting Sales & Marketing improvement and the acceleration of Revenue growth. Our approach evaluates:

  • How and To Whom you sell your products and services
  • Your Go-To-Market strategy
  • Sales and back office operations and technology
  • Sales force hiring, effectiveness and key account development

Clarity Workshop

A quick-hitting, collaborative work session that brings Clarity to your Analytics opportunities.

Strategic Roadmap

Identify and Align your Sales & Marketing capabilities with business objectives, focus on incremental investment, and improve ROI.

Sales & Marketing Assessments

A diagnostic engagement, focused on specific current state problematic areas and future state solutions.

CRM & Marketing Platform Selections

A proven Use Case-driven process that facilitates your CRM & Marketing automation Platform selections and negotiation process.

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Insights and Analytics

We work with our clients to build data driven Sales & Marketing organizations and empower decision makers with insights to make impactful decisions.

Need to figure out Who to target, What to sell, Where to sell, How to price, and How to better measure Sales & Marketing performance? What products are selling most? Where is the best ROI for my Advertising spend? We can help you get access to the data insights you need to enable you to make better business decisions.

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Pricing Strategies

We take a data driven approach to help our clients significantly increase their gross margin and profitability. We work alongside our clients to develop effective pricing strategies and deliver the insights their teams need to act and improve pricing and margin management.

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Salesforce & CRM​

We help our clients leverage Salesforce and other CRM platforms to transform the way they do business.

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Clarity Workshop

A quick-hitting, collaborative work session that brings Clarity to your Analytics opportunities.


We start with the end in mind. By designing a solution that fits your needs, and by letting the user perspectives drive design sessions, testing, and training, we ensure that the right technology solution is delivered.

Data Governance and Migration

We help you clients incorporate Data Governance best practices as well as extract, cleanse, transform, and you’re your data.

Marketing Automation

Messina helps you select, implement and/or optimize your marketing automation platform. We have experience with the leading marketing automation platforms, Pardot, HubSpot and Marketo.

Value Enhancement

Most organizations fail to realize the value they expected from their Salesforce platforms. Our Value Enhancement engagement provides our clients with quick insights and detailed output to identify and remediate pain points.

Fractional Support

Our Fractional Admin services provide you the flexibility and Salesforce support services to meet your business needs.

Sales & Marketing Talent Acquisition

We have developed a proven process for hiring Sales & Marketing executives.

From VP of Sales roles to building out or filling in a national Sales or Marketing team, we help our clients improve their new hire success rate. And we back it up with our guarantee.

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