Create alignment between your business and technology teams to realize business value at each stage of the DT Journey.

Business and Digital Advisory Services

Messina Group provides a broad range of Business and Digital Advisory services to fast-growing companies. From Digital Transformation to M&A Readiness to Program and Change Management, we partner with our clients
to design a clear path to success to help them reach their goals.

Digital Transformation Planning

Are you ready to beat the odds and experience digital transformation success?

Most typical digital transformation initiatives realize less than 40% of the desired business value. Organizations are increasingly looking to create value and differentiate their organization for competitive advantage in the marketplace by leveraging innovative technology solutions such as mobility, big data and social media.

Your opportunity to drive high-impact change improves dramatically with our proven approach. We work with  strong executive leadership teams to develop a clear, prioritized road map, and follow a structured stage gate process.

Contact us to learn how our clients Create Value throughout their Digital Transformation journeys and to discover ways we can help you deliver business value with your initiatives.

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Build your Digital Transformation Roadmap

A quick-hitting, collaborative work session that brings Clarity to your Analytics opportunities.

Deliver Architecture to Support Your Future

Identify and Align your Sales Enablement capabilities with business objectives, focus on incremental investment, and improve ROI.

Assemble Delivery Teams to Execute Your Program

A diagnostic engagement, focused on specific current state problematic areas and future state solutions.

Business Process Improvement

Today’s customers expect your organization to deliver digital products and services with an intuitive user experience. When companies get it right, they lower their operational costs and offer more competitive pricing. We take a data-driven approach that delivers quantifiable business value for our clients.

Messina Group will help you meet customer expectations by overhauling and accelerating the digitization of your business processes. This includes cutting the number of steps in the process, reducing the volume of documents, automating decision making, and limiting regulatory and fraud issues.

Build Your Future State Processes

We develop your streamlined and automated “To Be” Future State processes that help you achieve your goals.

Drive Costs Out of Your Operations

Our data- driven approach to process improvement and automation drives measurable operational cost reduction.

Help Drive Meaningful Change

The People make the difference and we make sure your People are ready to adopt to the Change coming their way.

ERP Platform Selection​

Selecting, negotiating, and managing an ERP program is complex and challenging, and as a result, most companies fail to capture their desired business results. But when managed successfully, companies take a business-driven approach and ensure that the business drivers and ERP program are properly aligned. 

We work with business and technology executives to provide the ERP leadership, insight, and management needed to help ensure their ERP program is business-driven and set up for success. Our ERP Program and Project Managers have extensive experience leading, managing, and delivering successful ERP programs.

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ERP Platform Selection Services

Our proven Use Case approach delivers the information you need to select an ERP platform. And, we help you negotiate ERP Terms and Conditions with your vendor.

ERP Project Management

An effective ERP Project Manager represents the Business and ensures the ERP team is focused on driving business value.

Build Your ERP Implementation Team

We help you assemble the right blend of internal, vendor and consultant resources to successfully implement your ERP solution.

IT Due Diligence

The greatest value from IT Due Diligence comes from analyzing the “Art of the Possible” that digital and IT assets can deliver to an organization vs. the current state status quo.

Our Senior team of Business and Technology leaders, with more than 30 years of experience, have hands-on M&A experience, are skilled at identifying Value Creation opportunities, and understand how to transform companies into integrated data and process driven “Digital” companies.

The expertise of our team members provides us with the unique ability to gain a deep understanding of your IT maturity, team, and capabilities. Key deliverables from our IT Due Diligence engagement include an Analytics Assessment as well as a Sales & Marketing Assessment.

Assess your Technology Architecture

A review of your technology assets, including the key platforms, architecture, security, and scalability, will help you prioritize strategic investments.

Report on the Maturity of your Data & Analytics

We assess the maturity of your Analytics and build a roadmap of high-impact Analytics opportunities.

Check Sales & Marketing Alignment

Find ways to streamline and automate your processes to supercharge your revenue engine.

Merger and Acquisition
Readiness and Integration

Most M&A transactions fail to deliver the planned business value and would benefit from increasing the speed of the integration process. Our many years of deep experience and proven tools accelerate merger integration.

Messina Group brings a data-driven approach to M&A integration to identify potential synergies and create the integration plan with the prioritized, detailed list of activities to execute.

We bring an experienced, focused team to help you speed up M&A integration and realize value faster.

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M&A Integration Planning

Our proven approach takes a data-driven approach to deliver a prioritized integration roadmap.

Drive Operational Efficiency

Business process optimization which supports your M & A objectives and drives value across People, Process and Technology.

Realize Cost Reduction

Capturing pricing and cost synergies across your customers and vendors.

Program and Change Management

Many organizations struggle with the fundamentals of project and change management, leading to high failure rates among their strategic initiatives. A fully aligned project management function, with integrated change management services, ensures consistency in delivery across the organization, as well as visibility into project risks, impact and overall health.

Messina Group helps you turn a well-crafted strategy into a well-executed plan. Our consulting practice brings a unique blend of project management soft-skills, functional and technology expertise, and project management rigor to help mitigate risk associated with your projects. Our project management experts bring a hands-on and pragmatic approach to managing your strategic initiatives.

Business Results Project Management

Our Project Management approach is focused on driving and maximizing your business benefits.

Lead Organizational Change

We accelerate the ROI of your projects through improved communications, involvement and adoption.

How can we help you reach your goals?

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