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Healthcare Provider Identifies Talent Management Gaps and Opportunities Through Talent Management Assessment

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Client Profile & Challenge

Our client is a $20 million Private Equity-owned multi-site Healthcare provider with more than 100 offices in nine states.


Our client faced significant challenges in attracting and retaining top talent. They had limited access to job boards and an inadequate career page, resulting in a passive approach to targeting and attracting qualified candidates. The consequence was a discouraging number of no-shows for interviews, along with untimely and inconsistent feedback from hiring managers. Moreover, the human resources team was tasked with sourcing specific back-office roles, despite their limited understanding of the roles’ requirements. Adding to the complexity, there was a lack of technology to bolster these recruitment efforts.

These obstacles ultimately led to major revenue losses for our client, as they struggled to staff their offices with the much-needed healthcare talent.

Solution Overview

Messina’s team built a 2-year roadmap with opportunities across people, processes, and technology to address the gaps identified during the assessment with associated costs and ROI to support the business case. Some examples of identified initiatives included an RPO solution, sourcing as a service, a career website redesign, and several Talent Management process improvements. Specifics were provided in terms of approach, goals, and specific pain points to be addressed across all opportunities.


Talent Management, Talent Advisory


We identified several quick wins and longer-term initiatives to enhance their Talent Management process. These initiatives are designed to reduce our client’s time to hire, the number of interviews per open requisition, and curate the number of applicants submitted to hiring managers for review. The plan also calls for a weekly employee survey which will allow our client to gain key insights into employee retention metrics. Our client will enhance the visibility of their job postings across numerous job boards and increase applications with an upgrade to their website’s career page.

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