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BUY SIDE – Complete IT/Digital Due Diligence Post-LOI on a $140M Target Company

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Client Profile & Challenge

Our client is a Mid-Market Private Equity firm investing in companies across multiple sectors.


Our Private Equity client needed a complete IT/Digital Due Diligence report on a Post-Letter of Intent (LOI) target company. This company has locations across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, as well as 5 business lines, so a comprehensive report was needed to uncover and highlight value creation opportunities for this investment.

Solution Overview

Messina’s team interviewed 23 Business and IT leaders company-wide to gain insights into the company. Our team then reviewed and documented the current state of the company for our client in key areas of the business, including data, processes, organizational structure, governance, technology, and strategy. During the collection and review process, our team found value creation opportunities that aligned with the growth strategy the firm had outlined for this company, and discovered additional Value Creation Opportunities as well.


Buy Side IT/Digital Due Diligence Assessment, Advisory


Our comprehensive Buy Side IT/Digital Due Diligence report equipped our client with the information and confidence needed to fully understand the current state of the company and supplied them with a clear, prioritized Value Creation Roadmap of opportunities to grow their investment.

The Value Creation Opportunities Roadmap outlined each VC initiative, the business value it would provide, a cost range estimate, along with the expected ROI. Two new opportunities uncovered were the need for a new Sales and Marketing platform to drive revenue growth with account and contact data and intelligence, as well as a cybersecurity audit. Both have a low cost associated with the engagement and a high expected ROI. Value Creation Opportunities were uncovered across the company, providing the firm with many ways to increase the market value of the company.

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