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Messina Group developed a data integration framework to expedite the inetegration process and achieve the synergies of the acquisition faster.

Artificial Intelligence

AEC Services Firm Integrates Add-On Acquisition in Record Time

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Client Profile & Challenge

Our client is a PE-backed AEC services firm with a global network of professionals providing specialized services such as Forensics, Engineering, Expert Witness Services, and Project Advisory.


Our client was in the midst of a highly acquisitive stage and was continuously facing challenges with the data integration of the target company. These data challenges would lead to a delay in the realization of value as the data integration process often took several months to a year to complete. Our client needed a data integration framework to expedite this process and achieve the synergies of the acquisition faster.

Solution Overview

Messina Group developed a custom data integration framework consisting of a powerful data cleansing and AI-enabled profiling solution, a transformation and loading platform, and automated audit and cleansing tools. This robust solution was paired with a resource and governance plan, which identified the people and processes to quickly surface, review, and remediate data anomalies.


M&A Integration, Data Integration, Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Technology Used:

Knime, Python, Azure AI


Our client was able to fully integrate their acquisition in six weeks and experienced no post-integration issues. All payroll, billing, and project-related work was fully operational and error-prone.

This exercise proved to our client’s PE sponsor that they had attained the ability to quickly identify, acquire, and integrate strategic acquisitions, further supporting their value creation initiatives and increasing their EMV.