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How Our Client Turned Unstructured Data From Their AI-Driven Platform Into a Powerful Usage & Engagement Story

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Client Profile & Challenge

Our client is an Investment Bank that was bringing a developer of an AI-driven student engagement platform to market.


The company was preparing to face the market and needed to reach beyond the typical financial metrics to tell a powerful story about the type of usage and engagement on their platform. Telling this story, however, required harvesting large volumes of unstructured text data, requiring large data processing, AI-driven text analytics and sentiment analysis capabilities to bring meaning and context to the platform usage.

Solution Overview

Messina developed a data ecosystem capable of processing the large volumes of data provided by the client and layered in an AI-driven analytics framework to segment and classify the unstructured conversational data. With the ability to analyze conversations, Messina worked closely with the client to tell a convincing story about platform usage, engagement, and impact.


Advanced Analytics, AI, NLP, M&A, FastTrack Deal Analytics Investor Portal.

Technology Used:

Microsoft Azure, Python, R, Microsoft Power BI


Messina provided data-driven evidence of the success and impact the Private Equity-owned company’s student engagement platform was generating, often in ways the company could never execute. These insights drove a compelling story about the usage and potential of the student engagement platform, which was packaged in a secure Potential Investor Portal as part of our FastTrack Deal Analytics solution.

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