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Messina Group empowered Loss Prevention for our client with Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning.

Artificial Intelligence

Restaurant Management Group was Empowered for Loss Prevention at Scale with Advanced Analytics & ML

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Client Profile & Challenge

Our client is a $600 Million Restaurant Management Group operating 700+ locations across nine concepts.


Without timely insights to data, loss prevention at scale was becoming increasingly difficult and was ultimately eroding profitability for our client. Rapid expansion meant more stores to monitor, making it increasingly difficult to catch and deter fraud within the stores. There was no way to quickly evaluate stores and detect suspicious outliers in key areas; therefore, most malicious activity went unchecked.

Solution Overview

By integrating data across all concepts, layering in Machine Learning models, and visualizing it in Power BI to deliver critical insights, Messina was able to help our client isolate suspicious activity within stores. The ability to quickly compare and determine unusual metrics in areas like inventory and discounts helped the client investigate and take action on improper activity.


Artificial Intelligence (AI), ML, Advanced Analytics, Data Visualization, Data Integration

Technology Used:

Microsoft Azure, Power BI


By integrating timely, accurate data across the entire portfolio of stores for each concept, our client was able to quickly spot suspicious outliers in a custom-built Power BI Application tailored for Loss Prevention tactics.

This dashboard focused on critical areas such as inventory padding, discounts, and cash variances, establishing normal thresholds for each concept/region/district, then exposing significant outliers or questionable trends.

Within just a month of go-live, our client was alerted to several hundred thousand dollars in fraud at a single location.