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A pallet solutions company getting shipments ready to send out

Pallet Solutions Company Achieves Acquisition Synergy Targets with FastTrack™ 100 Analytics

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Client Profile & Challenge

Our client is a $500M PE-backed pallet solutions company with a national network.


After completing multiple acquisitions of other pallet companies, our client needed to quickly gain critical insights into the combined entity to understand pricing and volume across all customers and vendors. However, each acquisition featured a different data source and bespoke business process, leading to a significant challenge of matching, merging, and de-duplicating data. These data challenges presented a major roadblock to achieving synergy targets and modeling future acquisitions.

Solution Overview

Utilizing our FastTrack™ 100 Analytics methodology, our M&A focused data team quickly sourced, profiled, cleansed, and merged/de-duplicated data from all four entities in a very fast timeframe. The consolidated dataset showcased the strength of the combined entity and produced key pricing and volume insights across all customers, vendors, recyclers, and market density. These insights helped uncover and realize acquisition synergies and were utilized to model additional acquisitions.


FastTrack™ 100 Analytics, Advanced Analytics, AI, Mergers & Acquisitions expertise

Technology Used:

Azure, Power BI


Based on the depth and veracity of the data sources from each acquisition, our client would likely have faced a six-month to one-year timeframe to achieve the critical insights they needed to begin realizing synergies from this deal.

Instead, Messina Group was able to cut the time-to-insights down to just two months, helping our client achieve synergy targets faster and revealing additional insights that helped our client prioritize their future acquisitions.