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FastTrack™ Deal Analytics Expedites Sale of Portfolio Company

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Client Profile & Challenge

National $500M multi-site and digital auto auction marketplace.


Our client was approaching the market with strong financials and a history of acquisition and growth and wanted to tell a compelling story about their business using data-backed proof points and powerful visualizations. Given their favorable financial profile, they also were focused on expediting the deal by avoiding the typical deal friction related to data, or ad-hoc requests during due diligence. Additionally, ensuring the security of sensitive financial data during the transaction was essential.

Solution Overview

Messina developed a robust package of analytics within a secure Power BI application. The analytics package focused on highlighting the client’s strong growth profile and value creation history, telling a compelling story to potential buyers, and creating desired competitive tension in the transaction. In addition, the due diligence process was smooth, as potential investors were easily able to produce reports and analytics that supported the top-line metrics.


Advanced Analytics, Data Visualization, GTM Readiness, FastTrack™ Deal Analytics Investor Portal, Comprehensive Cybersecurity Protections

Technology Used:

Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Power BI


The potential investor portal was heavily utilized by prospective buyers and helped support the compelling story the client had to offer to the marketplace. The transaction closed successfully, and the self-service nature of the portal expedited due diligence and greatly cut down on time required by the CFO and Controller; in addition, cybersecurity enhancements played a crucial role in maintaining buyer confidence and protecting the client’s financial data.