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Employee Sentiment Analytics Empowers Human Resources

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Client Profile & Challenge

Our client is a Restaurant Management Group that operates several hundred locations across many concepts nationwide.


Facing a challenging labor market, our client wanted to have a better pulse on employee sentiment, hoping to get early insights into material changes that may lead to attrition. However, getting direct feedback from employees during the formal review process proved time-intensive and unreliable.

Solution Overview

Messina helped our client deploy a survey that could capture employee sentiment. The survey was designed for easy engagement to ensure a high volume and frequency of responses. This data was collected and analyzed in a Power BI dashboard, visualized to help tell a story about sentiment, and connected to additional HR data such as attrition to uncover key relationships.


Analytics, Talent Management

Technology Used:

Microsoft Azure, Power BI, Forms


Through this engagement, our client established a baseline of employee sentiment and tracked meaningful changes over time. By isolating any changes in sentiment by concept, region, or store, the company was able to take proactive measures to improve employee relations and positively impact retention, lowering their overall hiring costs.

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