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Car wash uses Advanced Analytics to improve company and increase profitability.

Car Wash Realizes Double Digit Profitability Increase with Advanced Analytics

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This multi-site car wash worked closely with Messina Group to extract real-time customer data from their POS system to visualize critical metrics, make informed decisions, and achieve a 10% profitability increase – in less than three months.

Client Profile & Challenge

Our client is a multi-site car wash operation with approximately $15M in revenue.


Our client wanted to conduct a deep analysis of customer retention, lifetime value, membership, and labor cost, with the aim of enhancing profitability. While the client had a wealth of data in their car wash Point of Sale (POS) system, they were unable to effectively extract, model, and analyze the data to take action.



Solution Overview

Messina Group experts architected and developed an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) for the client, complete with a near real-time integration to the POS system, curating their transactional data for reporting and analysis.

The Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) was paired with a fully branded Power BI platform, visualizing key business use cases for the client, such as retention, membership, labor, and revenue, allowing the client to make key business decisions to impact performance.


Advanced Analytics, Data Warehousing, Change Management

Technology Used:

Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Power BI


With real-time access to data, and a best-in-class visualization platform oriented around their key business use cases, our client was empowered to make timely, data-driven decision to impact profitability.

Our client was able to analyze customer Life Time Value ( LTV based on membership plan and tenure, pinpointing the most profitable memberships and exposing plans that did not yield high value. This allowed our client to pursue the optimal membership mix and improve profitability by 10%.

Our client was also able to analyze customer churn behavior, taking actions to prevent churn and improve retention. Additionally, by better understanding customer demand, our client was able to better staff to demand, improving labor productivity and cost efficiency.