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Capital Advisory Deal is De-Risked and Accelerated with FastTrack™ Deal Analytics

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Client Profile & Challenge

Our client is a mid-sized manufacturer conducting an add-on acquisition.


Our client was seeking financing and needed to produce a consolidated data model depicting sales and margin by SKU. Producing this information in a timely fashion would be incredibly challenging for the deal team, as the client was comprised of several recent acquisitions, all with different data sources, levels of data quality, and taxonomies. This data complexity presented a risk to the deal timeline.

Solution Overview

Messina developed a cleansed and consolidated data model, capable of producing clean data cuts of sales and material margin by SKU, Product Group, Customer, etc. Despite a tight timeline, the Messina team produced data deliverables ahead of the required deal pace.


Analytics, FastTrack™ Deal Analytics, M&A Advisory

Technology Used:

Microsoft Power BI, Azure, Excel


Despite a very tight deal time and challenging data, Messina was able to keep the deal on track by delivering the requisite data cuts ahead of schedule. The fast pace of the data delivery handled by Messina allowed the Deal Team to free up bandwidth and focus on strategic components of the deal process.