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Visual representation of our client using a social listening tool to grow their sales and reputation

Trade Association Builds Reputation and Grows Sales by Harnessing Social Listening

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Client Profile & Challenge

Our client is an American trade association.


Our client was under immense pressure to defend and grow their reputation on a national scale and across a variety of subjects, including health, sustainability, etc. To accomplish this, they needed a best-in-class technology platform paired with functional expertise to collect and classify conversations throughout the social media landscape. This AI-driven technology would serve as a force-multiplier for their team, allowing them to actively monitor their reputation, better understand their audience, and ultimately, activate influencers and advocates to make a positive impact.

Solution Overview

Messina Group conducted a discovery engagement to define the Future State Use Cases, Architecture, Roadmap, and the Business Case for the Social Listening Platform. Based on this analysis, Messina conducted a rigorous platform selection process to identify the tool that best suited the client’s needs, saving the client multiple six figures in licensing costs during negotiations. Once the selection was completed, Messina implemented the platform, including the Social Listening queries, Generative AI features, and creation of all analytics content.


Platform Selection, Analytics Roadmap, Advanced Analytics, AI, Social Listening

Technology Used:

Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite, Microsoft Azure


By collecting broad-based social data and using machine learning to quickly classify, aggregate, and correlate conversations, our client was able to keep a much better pulse on their reputation. The tool was critical in helping them identify near-term and long-term threats/opportunities and predict which conversations or social trends were worth engaging in versus those that were likely to pass. Moreover, the tool was critical in helping the client identify the best possible influencers and advocates for their audience and actively measure their performance.

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