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Trade Association Builds Best-In-Class IT Service Desk Team With Messina Talent Management

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Client Profile & Challenge

Our client is one of the largest American trade associations, working with a group of affiliates to promote sales, demand, and consumer confidence within their shared industry.


Our client is chartered with providing best-in-class IT services to hundreds of users across several affiliate organizations. The services required are diverse, often time-sensitive, and require a cohesive, knowledgeable team that can provide a unique mix of skills and customer service.

However, our client lacked the recruiting expertise and technical depth to acquire the right mix of candidates and define the correct roles to service the business. They needed guidance from an expert partner to design and implement the organizational structure.

Solution Overview

Our client partnered with Messina to evaluate the tactical and strategic IT Services required to address the needs of the business. Messina also evaluated the client’s culture to ensure the organizational model, skills, and procedures were aligned to the organization’s way of working.

Once the Organizational Design was crafted, our client leveraged Messina’s Talent Acquisition services to develop job descriptions and conduct candidate screenings to isolate the right candidates for the skills and culture. Our Talent Management team worked closely with our Consulting division to conduct technical screenings of each candidate and offer guidance to the client’s leadership on candidate fit.

Our combined Messina Talent & Consulting teams work with the client on a quarterly/annual basis to evaluate and adjust the organizational design, provide on-site leadership consultation, and active management and support of the IT Service team.


Talent Assessment, Recruiting Process Outsourcing, Managed Services


Messina partnered with our client to revamp the IT Organization and redefine the roles and reporting structure to improve the service level and value to the business. Our Talent Acquisition services were able to find several quality candidates for each role, ensuring each matched the skills profile required and exuded the core values of the organization.

Since the core team has been in place, feedback has universally stated that service levels and job satisfaction are at all-time highs. Additionally, the team has shown strong continuity, with 100% retention, and consistent annual growth in skills and responsibilities.

As a key value-add, our consulting team has further nurtured this team with fractional on-site management, support, and structured annual review processes to ensure service levels, job satisfaction, and continuity remain high.

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