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Streamlining Budgeting & Forecasting with the Right FP&A Tool and Analytics

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Client Profile & Challenge

Our client is a $70M senior living center operating a portfolio of services across several facilities.


The budgeting process was a long, labor-intensive, error-prone exercise often seen when spreadsheets are utilized. Because the client spent so much time on the consolidation of spreadsheets and remediating user errors, little time was spent analyzing the budget, and there was no capability for quick, driver-based planning or forecasting.

Solution Overview

Messina Group spent time assessing and analyzing our client’s current budgeting process to develop use cases required for a new budgeting software platform. With these use cases in-hand, Messina then vetted several different vendors, facilitating demonstrations and evaluating platforms, ultimately helping the client select Anaplan. Messina also negotiated the terms and conditions of the client’s software agreements.

Once the platform was selected, Messina managed a team of consultants to develop the product, processes, and change management required to adopt the new platform.


Process Improvement Advisory, Data Architecture, Data Consolidation & Integration, Analytics

Technology Used:

Anaplan, Azure, SQL Data Warehouse


Moving away from spreadsheets, our client now has automatic, error-proof consolidations to go along with real-time workflow insights into the budgeting process.

This saves hundreds of hours of the Controller’s time, improves budgeting accuracy, enables better reporting, and provides new forecasting capabilities, all while cutting the budgeting process time down from 3 months to 2 weeks.

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