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This PortCo’s Analytics project delivers Increased Revenue, Operational Insights + Client Self-Service Interactive Dashboards

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Client Profile & Challenge

Client Profile & Challenge

Our Client is a Private Equity-owned $230M Auto Auction & Remarketing facility with multiple sites across the US

Challenge: Our Client’s monthly financial consolidations and reporting were manual and consumed most of the Controller’s time. The inefficient nature of the process also prevented timely access to insights that could have directly impacted revenue.

Client Profile & Challenge

Solution Overview

Solutions Provided:

Web-based, self-service Reporting & Analytics

Automated, efficient financial reporting process (BS, IS, and Cash Flow)

Data-driven insights from Dashboards & Reports for the Management team, PE firm, and our Client’s own customers

The development of carefully curated Enterprise KPIs and Analytics for all financial and non-financial data sources

Technologies Used:

Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Power BI, Office 365

Client Profile & Challenge

Team Composition

Messina Group Consulting utilized a Solution Architect and a Data Architect, working in tight coordination with the Corporate Controller and the CFO. This program was delivered in several initiatives, each lasting approximately three months.

Client Profile & Challenge

“After” Business Value Creation

Our portfolio company Client is accelerating Value Creation with Increased Revenue by optimizing fee structures across auction sites and creating more intelligent incentives for their customers.

The time saved by automating the reporting process saves our Client > 2 FTE’s per year.

By providing Self-Service reporting for our Client’s own customers, our Client expanded their value proposition to their customers which provides them with a competitive advantage in their industry.

Now that they are empowered with the analysis of Auction Sell Price vs. Industry Accepted Value, our Client’s teams are provided with compelling stories and an added value proposition to auto dealers.


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