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Pet Food Manufacturer Accelerates Operational Efficiency Through Data Governance Program

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Client Profile & Challenge

Our Client is a PE-owned Manufacturer of Premium Animal/Pet Food.


Following an ERP implementation/data migration, and the merger of other organizations, our Client was struggling with a general mistrust of data at both the tactical and strategic levels. Reports were not trusted in the boardroom, legacy companies and plants were not following procedures to keep data clean, and there was no cohesive program to align roles and responsibilities.

Solution Overview

Following a review of our Clients’ business processes, interviews with key stakeholders, and a diagnostic review of their data assets and processes, Messina Group designed a comprehensive Data Governance Program tailored to our Client. The program established a Data Governance Team, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities throughout the business and IT functions, as well as across each key area of master data. Messina also recommended changes to source system data processes, reporting, and instituted data quality controls to help enforce data rules and keep data clean.


Data Management & Governance, Talent Management, MDM Platform Selection

Technology Used:



A defined Data Governance team established clear ownership, data stewards and business owners across all relevant master data domains. This newfound clarity in roles and responsibilities made all teams far more efficient, and began to institute confidence in reporting across the organization. The reduction in data quality issues meant far more efficient use of time across all functions, while the confidence and adoption of data helped decision makers impact the business with data-driven decisions.

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