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Our organ procurement organizations working on an organ transplant.

Organ Procurement Organization Becomes Data-Driven With a Best-In-Class Analytics Tool

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Client Profile & Challenge

Our client is one of the largest organ procurement organizations in the nation dedicated to providing organ and tissue donation services.


Our client aspired to become a data-driven organization yet was saddled with an antiquated analytics architecture and poor user interface, contributing to lagging adoption. As an organization deeply invested in advancing organ donation success rates through data-driven decisions, they recognized the need for a more efficient and user-friendly analytics platform. The existing tools were underutilized, leading to missed opportunities for informed decision-making.

Solution Overview

To address these challenges, our client initiated a journey toward a best-in-class analytics platform, featuring a simplified architecture and an intuitive user interface. They enlisted the expertise of Messina Group to conduct a strategic Assessment of their current analytics tools. Our advisors engaged closely with the CIO and other stakeholders to evaluate and deploy a centralized, governed analytics solution capable of meeting diverse functional needs. Over a 12-week period, Messina strategically implemented an Enterprise Data Warehouse and Power BI Analytics solution to seamlessly integrate all data sources and curate them into purpose-built analytics packages. Recognizing the significance of change management in this transition, our client prioritized investment in training programs and resources for their employees. This initiative facilitated employee familiarity with Power BI and fostered its adoption across all organizational levels.


Advisory, Enterprise Analytics, Data Visualization, Change Management, Program Management

Technology Used:

Microsoft PowerBI, Azure, Integration Services


Under Messina’s expert guidance, our client was steered through the strategy of procuring and integrating new tools, along with a comprehensive adoption, communication, and change management plan to facilitate organization-wide use of their new platform. The transition towards a more data-centric culture has proven to be highly impactful for our client. By embracing Power BI and emphasizing adoption and change management, they successfully surmounted initial hurdles. The project’s primary goal was to enhance adoption rates, and the outcomes were remarkable, boasting a 500% increase in usage across the entire organization.

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