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Two people working at a national food distributer company.

National Food Distributor Identifies Strategic Initiatives worth over $1M in ROI with IT Strategy Roadmap Engagement

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Client Profile & Challenge

Our client is a Private-Equity owned Food Distributor with ~$200M in annual revenue.


Our client has an ambitious goal to achieve 5x revenue growth in the next 5 years through acquisitions of local, independent food distributors. They had already acquired 3 companies with annual revenues between $50 million and $100 million, with plans to acquire 10-15 more companies in the near term. However, these recent acquisitions left this client with an obscured vision of the ongoing IT initiatives as well as the prioritization of future IT endeavors.

The company needed an IT Strategy Roadmap to integrate the acquisitions they had already made, as well as for future acquisitions. This Roadmap needed to include opportunities to consolidate technology, upgrade or integrate ERP systems, as well as technology and process integrations.


Solution Overview

Messina Group was engaged to create a IT Strategy Roadmap for the integration of existing and future acquisitions. Using our findings from a discovery portion, we created a IT Strategy Roadmap with 20+ opportunities exceeding total potential ROI exceeding $1 million. 

The primary objective was to identify opportunities for technology integration and optimization across acquisitions, particularly with ERP systems. Given the number of acquisitions and short timeframe (13-18 total acquisitions with exit in the next 5 years), this presented significant challenges to the client. 

Messina Group’s highest priority recommendation was to create an Enterprise Data Warehouse across the business, enabling seamless integration of operational data and executive-level reporting across the wide number of acquisitions. Rather than executing a costly ERP integration across acquired companies in a short timeframe, Messina Group’s solution enabled the client to achieve their objectives at a significantly lower cost. We also recommended a standardized ERP to best fit client needs if an acquisition did require a new ERP platform, as well as ERP upgrades for acquired companies, where applicable.

Next, Messina Group recommended a strategic partnership with a Managed Services Provider (MSP). This enabled our client to move helpdesk, cybersecurity, networking, disaster recovery and other critical tasks from their understaffed internal IT to their MSP, allowing IT to focus on higher-value strategic initiatives. 

Third, we recommended the establishment of a Project Management Office (PMO) and a Change Management Office (CMO). The client lacked these functionalities, which will be key for the successful integration of their current and future acquisitions.

In parallel with our IT Strategy Roadmap Initiative, one of Messina Group’s experts was engaged by the client as their Interim CIO while our recruiters executed a search for our client’s new CIO. We were able to successfully identify and place a new CIO, providing the client with the key leadership they needed to guide their IT Strategy.


Business Advisory, IT Assessment, Interim CIO, Digital Advisory, Advisory Services


Our client achieved significant value creation by creating and executing a comprehensive IT Strategy. We collaborated with our client to identify over 20 strategic initiatives with a combined ROI exceeding $1 million. This included a balanced mix of quick wins delivering immediate impact and long-term initiatives aligned with the client’s investment horizon.

Recognizing the importance of secure growth, we proactively addressed cybersecurity gaps by bringing in a managed security provider (MSP) to focus on our client’s cybersecurity needs as well as other IT support, which freed up capacity in their internal IT team.

To ensure successful implementation, our client benefitted from the support of our Interim Chief Information Officer (CIO), and the successful talent search and hire of their new permanent CIO to lead them successfully through their digital transformation journey.

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