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eGrocer Increases Revenue with Merchandising Analytics

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Client Profile & Challenge

Client Profile & Challenge

Our Client is a $1B eGrocer servicing markets throughout the United States.

Challenge: As an eGrocer, our client conducted several Vendor Funded ROI programs, both on-site in stores, as well as through the purchase of digital assets on the website. Due to a lack of data availability, Category Managers and Merchandising Executives were not able to prove ROI to vendors and therefore, were not able to secure additional vendor funding for these programs effectively.

Client Profile & Challenge

Solution Overview

Messina created the strategy and ran the implementation of a Merchandising Analytics program, focused on capturing product lift, promotional effectiveness, and overall ROI by item, by market, by channel. This information was then visualized with interactive dashboards to tell compelling stories to vendors and persuade them to provide more funding to these programs and digital assets.


Advanced Analytics, Program Management, Change Management, KPI identification, Data Visualization

Technology Used:

Microsoft Azure, SQL Server, Power BI, Snowflake

Client Profile & Challenge

Team Composition

Messina utilized a Solution Architect, Data Architect, two Power BI developers, and a Business/OCM Analyst on the engagement. The team was engaged with our Client’s SVP of Merchandising and a team of power users across the Merchandising function.

Client Profile & Challenge

“After” Business Value Creation

Data visualization and observable ROI was tracked for every digital asset purchased and promotion run for all items and manufacturers. The data provided to the vendors was seen as a value-add for our Client, as many vendors expect this type of information availability.

Additionally, with the ability to directly relate the purchase of a digital asset to a lift in sales, executives in Merchandising and Marketing now had significant leverage in the sales cycle and were able to secure far more vendor funding.

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