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Distributor’s Sales Teams Empowered to Increase Gross Margin by Automating Sales, Service, and Quoting Processes

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Client Profile & Challenge

National Distributor to the Food Services Industry


Our Client needed to automate their Sales, Service, and Quoting processes and wanted to move to a leading Cloud computing platform. They needed a Cloud-based platform that could scale with the company’s future growth and integrate with several legacy platforms. In addition, the client wanted to improve existing business processes as well as integrate workflow and automation where applicable.

Solution Overview

Messina Group was hired to execute a Gap/Fit analysis of Salesforce as a strategic Cloud computing platform for our Client and to develop a Salesforce Roadmap and business case (3-year TCO and ROI). We assessed our Client’s current state and developed the future state Use Cases for our Client.

Messina Group delivered the Salesforce Solution Architecture to support the future state vision, integrate workflow, and automate our Client’s manual processes. The Salesforce Roadmap was created to deliver the project in manageable phases to allow our Client to invest incrementally and realize business value at regular project intervals.


Sales Empowerment – Process Improvement, Salesforce Advisory, CRM Platform Selection

Technology Used:

Salesforce CRM, Salesforce CPQ


This national distributor was able to streamline and automate Sales, Customer Service, and the Quoting processes throughout the organization. A significant benefit was realized with the Quoting process as they are able to deliver professional Quotes in minutes versus days. As a result of automating the Quoting process, GM improved. Additional improvement came through implementing tighter pricing controls with workflow for managerial pricing approval when needed.

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