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Marketing & Sales Analytics Drive Revenue for Fast Growing Hair Restoration Firm

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Client Profile & Challenge

Client Profile & Challenge

Our Client is a fast growing, high-profile Hair Restoration and Cosmetic Services firm

Challenge: Given the unique nature of this firm’s Marketing and Sales process, access to information to evaluate pipeline, measure campaign effectiveness and understand revenue projections was critical to the business. Unfortunately, much of this information was dispersed among dozens of custom objects in Salesforce and was not readily available without manual manipulation.

Monthly reporting efforts were manual, error prone, and lacked the timeliness to allow leadership to make adjustments to strategic efforts in Marketing or properly evaluate the Sales staff.

Client Profile & Challenge

Solution Overview

After a critical review of the business and defining the analytics required to grow revenue and measure marketing effectiveness, Messina helped the client evaluate, select and procure the technology meet its business objectives.

Messina implemented an Azure PaaS SQL Data Warehouse, along with a Data Factory (ADF) ETL solution to integrate all disparate Salesforce, marketing and financial data. With the data model in place and automated, Messina designed and developed several Power BI Marketing and Sales dashboards to help deliver data-driven insights to key stakeholders.


Procurement, Analytics, Business Analysis, CRM, Program Management

Technology Used:

Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL DW (Synapse), Microsoft Power BI, Salesforce

Client Profile & Challenge

Team Composition

Messina utilized a Data Architect, Solution Architect, and Business Analyst to work directly with the client’s team consisting of the COO, CMO and Co-Owners.

Client Profile & Challenge

“After” Business Value Creation

Our client saved hundreds of hours of manual data manipulation by leveraging the automated solution and self-service reporting at their fingertips. The time saved allowed the COO and ownership to focus on more strategic efforts and evaluation of the business.

Better, more accurate evaluation of Marketing campaigns allowed the CMO to redirect efforts and funding to those markets, channels, and segments that were providing the most value. The more efficient deployment of Marketing spend helped increase high quality leads and, ultimately, revenue.

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