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Laboratory Leverages Messina’s Expertise to Identify Strategic Target Markets for New Laboratory and Niche Talent

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Client Profile & Challenge

Client Profile & Challenge

Our Client provides state-of-the-art laboratory testing services, along with a team of doctors for appointments and consultations when needed.

Challenge: Due to Covid-19 and the increase in medical testing, our Client’s business was growing at a rapid pace. In order to keep up with demand, the logical step was to open a new facility and hire new talent capable of the complex testing required. Our Client did not have the resources available to evaluate and identify key target markets to open a new facility. They approached Messina Group for help, drawn to our deep, specialized expertise in both Consulting and Talent Acquisition, and asked us to help them locate the best markets to hire for these specific, niche roles.

Client Profile & Challenge

Solution Overview

With a data-driven approach, Messina Group identified the initial top 20 possible locations based on criteria defined collaboratively with our Client. Applying our expertise in both Talent Acquisition and Consulting, our team was able to identify relevant data points and metrics to isolate the top 3 locations for a new facility based on both the availability of talent and market health (e.g., growing population, higher education institutions nearby, etc.).


Advisory Services, Talent Acquisition, Market Research, Analytics

Technology Used:

LinkedIn Talent Insights, CareerBuilder, ZoomInfo, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Monster, Daxxtra, Google Jobs, In-House Proprietary Job Scraping Solution

Client Profile & Challenge

Team Composition

Messina’s team was comprised of a Senior Consultant, Senior Talent Advisor, Senior Advisory Consultant, and Vice President of Scientific Recruiting. Our Client’s primary engagement sponsor was the Senior Director of Human Resources, along with the Chief Operating Officer and a Clinical Lab Manager.

Client Profile & Challenge

“After” Business Value Creation

Without interrupting current business processes, Messina Group was able to provide the Client with detailed information and data points to make an informed decision on where their new lab should be located, given their need for a specific type of talent. With this information, the Client will be able to keep up with current demand and increase their offerings, leading to an increase in revenue.

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