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Global Investment Bank Wins More Deals with Messina’s Sales Empowerment Solutions

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Client Profile & Challenge

Leading mid-market Investment Bank with 650 Bankers


How can Messina’s Sales Empowerment solutions help an investment bank tell more compelling stories, better differentiate themselves, and ultimately win more deals? Post mandate, how can a global bank with 22 offices streamline and improve the delivery of their services?

Solution Overview

3 Year Transformation Roadmap

A prioritized, business case driven 3-year Sales Empowerment and Digital Transformation Roadmap, with multiple Quick Wins and six Strategic Initiatives.

Messina built the 3-year Roadmap and led the Execution of the implementation of multiple projects and strategic programs. Services included Advisory, Program Management, Change Management, Analytics, and a Business Analyst. We helped with Requirements, Platform selection, Vendor negotiations, and implementation.


Sales Empowerment: Advanced Analytics, Content Management, Pre- and Post-Deal Marketing Process Optimization and Automation, Enterprise Portal, and Buyers and Sellers CRM


Our Client realized the value of Sales Empowerment with new capabilities to tell more compelling stories backed by data, and sharing stories about market valuations and trends, Buyers insights, and demonstrating a better understanding of the market.

Our Client is Winning more Mandates by improving their win percentage and incorporating a data-driven approach to identify potential Sellers. In addition, the Reporting automation saves > 2 FTE’s per year

Streamlining Service Delivery and saving > 20% of Jr. Bankers’ time spent on manual tasks, Bankers have more time to spend on high value add tasks e.g., Growth Strategies and Buyer research.

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