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From Failure to Success – PE Firm turns around two PortCo Analytics initiatives

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The window to realize value creation from growth initiatives is tight for portfolio companies of PE firms. Analytics driven Digital Transformation is unquestionably a key business growth initiative and efficiency lever, and hiring the wrong Digital Transformation “expert” wastes precious time.

Our PE Client had a portfolio company with a fledgling enterprise Analytics initiative. After almost 1 year, nothing was live, no value had been realized, and there was no sight to Go-Live and value realization. Both the PortCo and PE firm recognized that it was time to pull the plug on the incumbent consultant and hire Messina Consulting to successfully deliver business value within the promised timeframe. To add to the challenge, unfortunately, most failed Analytics initiatives have little value which can be salvaged.


Messina quickly assessed the current situation and identified several problems with the Analytics initiative. Messina developed a new multi-phased Analytics plan which would deliver a Quick Win
in less than 3 months and lay the foundation for future phased enterprise Analytics initiatives.

Same problem … different Portfolio company –

With a high visibility success story under our belt, Messina was introduced by the PE firm to one of their other Portfolio companies with a similar challenge. Messina quickly turned around the Analytics initiative, has gone live with several phased Analytics initiatives and successfully replicated the prior success story.


Today, the portfolio company has gone live with 5 Analytics phases, has realized a ROI > 3X the cost, and actively celebrates weekly Analytics success stories. The company is well on its way to becoming data driven and using predictive analytics to make proactive vs. reactive decisions.

For example, our DT efforts created actionable insights that allowed a sales manager in one of the Client’s portfolio companies to engage in data- driven, fact-based negotiations that produced an additional $54K in profits as a result of Messina’s analytics approach. By applying Messina’s approach in its other markets, this PortCo has significantly added to its bottom line.

Our Client trusted Messina Consulting as their partner to deliver value based upon our more than 30 years’ experience delivering successful DT initiatives. Messina provided the essential combination of technical and business acumen to identify and articulate the data and process-related challenges this PE firm’s portfolio companies faced, and delivered a successful DT and Analytics initiative to address them.

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