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Agricultural Analytics Provider Enables Scalable Growth with IT and Data Optimization

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Client Profile & Challenge

Our client is a Private-Equity owned Agronomy company providing prescriptive analytics and consulting services to maximize crop yield for growers across the US.


Our client faced several critical IT challenges impacting their growth:

  1. Custom-built Systems: Their custom built systems lacked scalability and robust architecture, hindering future growth.
  2. Technology Debt: Their platform suffered from outdated technology and poor documentation, which increased maintenance costs and slowed development.
  3. CRM Functionality: Their custom CRM lacked basic features such as data validation and workflow, resulting in limited functionality and low user adoption.
  4. Unclear IT Roadmap: With an unclear IT roadmap, this client struggled with prioritizing resources and maximizing technology’s impact.

Solution Overview

Messina Group partnered with this client to optimize their Data Infrastructure. Our approach began with an in-depth IT Due Diligence Assessment, involving over 40 interviews and thorough documentation reviews across various departments. This holistic approach identified three key areas demanding attention: 

  1. Abandon the Custom CRM: The bespoke CRM lacked essential features like data validation, email integration, and collaboration tools, hindering productivity and requiring costly maintenance. Messina Group recommended migrating to a supported platform offering these functionalities out-of-the-box, streamlining workflows and reducing costs.
  2. Modernize the Agronomy Platform: The custom-built platform faced scalability challenges and lacked proper documentation. To address this, we proposed upgrading it by leveraging AWS technology. This would ensure scalability for future growth and provide a single source of truth for critical agronomy data.
  3. Enhance Cybersecurity: The internal IT team was overburdened with cybersecurity tasks. We recommended engaging a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to alleviate this workload, freeing internal resources for higher-value activities while enhancing overall security posture.

Armed with these insights, Messina Group helped our client create a prioritized Strategic IT Roadmap, aligning initiatives with risk, cost, and return on investment (ROI) considerations. The highest-priority initiative identified was creation of a Data Warehouse for core agronomy functions. We leveraged AWS Redshift and Glue to create data marts, consolidating data from disparate sources and enabling robust data analysis for informed decision-making.


Business Advisory & Transformation, Digital Strategy & Transformation, Digital & Technology, Data Architecture, Advanced Analytics & AI

Technology Used:

AWS Redshift and Glue, Terraform


Messina Group’s comprehensive approach to IT Due Diligence, strategic planning, and implementation enabled our client to identify hidden risks, prioritize investments, and ultimately achieve real business value through technology optimization. 
By partnering with Messina Group, our client gained a clear Roadmap for IT optimization. The implemented Data Warehouse solution provided a centralized data hub, streamlining operations and empowering data-driven decision making. This translated to tangible benefits, including:
  • The modernized infrastructure is now equipped to handle future growth without technical limitations, improving scalability.
  • Streamlined workflows and reduced maintenance burdens led to increased productivity and cost savings, enhancing efficiency.
  • Consolidated data empowers informed decision-making across the organization, creating data-driven insights.
The business value includes: The consolidation of data from multiple disparate data sources into organized data marts allowed the client to track and analyze trends over time, which is crucial for optimizing agricultural processes. The Data Warehouse brought order to the siloed Information, provided a single source of truth, is accessible to all relevant stakeholders, and fosters collaboration and informed decision-making. The removal of duplicate data and redundant maintenance streamlined operations and costs associated with the custom-built platforms and freed up resources for more strategic endeavors.

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