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Chocolate Manufacturer Saves Millions and Creates Trustworthy Data with MDM Strategy

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Client Profile & Challenge

$1B Integrated Chocolate Manufacturer Based in North America


Due to multiple manufacturing facilities with individual processes, systems, and cultures, our Client was experiencing wide-spread issues with general Data Governance, with specific pain on Master Data Management. Key master data domains such as product, customer, material, all had different sources of record and caused significant issues with business processes, inventory visibility, and efficiencies in formulation.

Solution Overview

Messina conducted an initial Data Assessment and Strategy to review all aspects of the Client’s Data Governance Program, related systems, processes, and human capital. A major gap in the architecture was uncovered, as there was no enterprise Master Data Management tool, solution or process. Given this, Messina developed an MDM strategy and Use Cases to conduct a formal selection process of a best-in-class MDM platform. Messina also helped negotiate Terms and Conditions of the agreement, saving the client over $500K over a three-year term.


Master Data Management, Data Governance, Human Capital Assessments, MDM Platform Selection

Technology Used:

Informatica Master Data Management


Messina Group’s selection process helped the Client select the best possible tool based on their business use cases and overall value. The implementation of the MDM tool and fulfillment of these use cases will save our Client several million dollars over the next 3-5 years. Additionally, Messina Group was able to provide nearly $500K in hard savings on software licensing, by running a competitive selection process and negotiating the terms and conditions of the agreement.