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Expert Digital Assessment and Roadmap Helps CEO of International Chemical Distributor Hit Value Creation Targets

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Client Profile & Challenge

Our client is a PE-owned $100M International specialty chemical distributor.


Our CEO client inherited a custom-built ERP platform that delivered specialized value regarding profitability yet was undocumented and performed poorly. Post-sale to a Private Equity Firm, our client no longer had the in-house personnel with the necessary skills and expertise required to own the ongoing support and development for this custom platform. So both the PE Firm and the CEO sought out the right strategic partner to accelerate their value creation plan and perform an IT Due Diligence Assessment across their enterprise – to assess the viability of continuing forward with the custom ERP platform vs. replacing it with a new solution, and also identify areas the company would gain business value from additional new digital initiatives, with a strong emphasis on enhancing cybersecurity measures. 

Solution Overview

After a thorough evaluation of our client’s custom-built ERP platform and interviews with business and technology stakeholders, Messina identified the weaknesses in the platform, including critical cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and the pain points that the employees and their clients were experiencing with it. Our Advisory Services team evaluated other industry ERP platforms that could potentially meet our client’s needs and goals and created a high-level, phased Enterprise Digital Transformation Roadmap. With our complete report and recommendation, inclusive of a thorough cybersecurity assessment, the CEO made the decision to keep the legacy ERP platform, yet recognized the lack of internal resources with the skill-sets needed to respond to technical questions and further develop the platform. Our client chose to outsource the ongoing support and development of the custom ERP platform to Messina’s experienced Strategic Services team, ensuring robust cybersecurity protocols were integrated. 


ERP Platform Selection, and Implementation Advisory Services, Enterprise IT Due Diligence, Digital Assessment, Enterprise Digital Transformation Roadmap, Strategic Services, Cybersecurity Assessment


Through Messina’s cross-Functional IT Due Diligence/Enterprise Digital IT Assessment, our CEO client was equipped with the in-depth, detailed report needed to make an informed decision whether to retain the custom ERP platform or replace it.

In addition, the strategic Digital Transformation Roadmap hits on numerous areas of our client’s business where technology and better processes are able to add value and strengthen cybersecurity to help them meet their value creation plan targets. Our client is enjoying double-digit revenue growth and has engaged Messina to execute multiple phases of the Digital Roadmap to drive further business value to accelerate the organization’s growth at scale. The focus on cybersecurity has not only protected the company’s digital assets but has also increased client trust and business resilience.