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Artificial Intelligence

Analytics Pricing Strategy Engagement Delivers Millions in Recurring EBITDA

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Client Profile & Challenge

Our client is a $250M national Pallet solutions company.


A one-year Analytics implementation with another firm had failed, leaving the client without critical insights into pricing and related actions to impact profitability.

Solution Overview

Messina Group played a pivotal role in developing a real-time cloud enterprise data warehouse (EDW), integrating a custom NetSuite solution to create a robust foundation for machine learning (ML) and predictive modeling. With Messina Group’s expertise, this sophisticated system enabled ML analysis to identify real-time, historical, and predictive pricing elements across various dimensions such as market, customer, supplier, and product. The insights derived were used to generate prescriptive actions for market managers. Additionally, Messina Group designed and implemented a comprehensive change management plan, significantly accelerating tool adoption, actionability, and ROI tracking for the client.


Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Strategy & Transformation, Advanced Analytics & AI, Sales & Marketing Empowerment, Data Visualization & Storytelling

Technology Used:

Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Power BI, NetSuite, Analytics


Our client achieved significant value creation with Predictive Pricing, generating over $3 million in new profit in less than a year. This innovation led to improved average purchase costs and pricing of pallets across all markets. Additionally, the implementation of the Analytics platform became a mission-critical system for the company, fostering a data-driven culture. This shift enabled comprehensive performance measurement, resulting in significant operational improvements across the organization.