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Textiles Manufacturer Accelerates their Sales Team’s Revenue Generation

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Client Profile & Challenge

A privately-held industry leader in antimicrobial technology and textiles for the Hospitality and Healthcare industry.


Most of the existing Sales Team was underperforming and new hires took too long to ramp up and gain traction.  Also, the average Cost of Sale was too high due to a low average transaction amount.

Solution Overview

Messina worked with the Client to refine their Go-to-Market strategy and prioritize current clients and prospects with much greater revenue upside as well as accelerating the development of more one-to-many strategic channels. Also, Messina designed an integrated Sales and Marketing program which implemented workflows, business rules, and automations to complement the Sales process. Another key component of the program was developing compelling content to support the Sales process.


SALES & MARKETING EMPOWERMENT: CRM and Marketing Automation platform implementation, Sales Process Optimization and Automation, Sales Team training, Marketing Content Development, Analytics, Talent Acquisition

Technology Used:

HubSpot, ZoomInfo, and Microsoft Power BI


Our Client now has a data-driven approach to researching, segmenting, and prioritizing their target clients and strategic one-to-many channels. The average Cost of Sale has decreased and the average transaction size is increasing. Improved production and focus in Q4 resulted in a forecast for the current year of greater than 2X in the prior year.   

The implementation of Sales enablement tools has resulted in Sales Reps spending more time selling and less time researching, and as a result, all key sales activity metrics have improved 

Messina then recruited and filled our Client’s open SVP of Sales & Marketing role, who is further building upon the foundation laid in this engagement. 

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