Going to Market: An Art and a Science

Bringing your company to market: The art is the correct alignment for your organization between Sales and Marketing. It is a science, because revenue-focused leaders must be focused on using data to make informed decisions.

Sales Empowerment: 3 Steps to Winning More Deals

Winning deals comes down to 3 critical pieces: 1) your data-driven strategy for defining your target market and segmenting your market, 2) empowering your teams with a thorough Go-To-Market playbook, and 3) Providing the right tools to your team to help them accelerate your organization’s growth.

A Data-Driven Pricing Strategy unlocks Revenue for these Portfolio companies

Many private equity companies gather large amounts of data, but collecting data is only one of the necessary steps to transforming into a truly data-driven organization and increasing profitability. Data-driven, dynamic pricing strategies can help provide PE firms with the critical insights they need to positively impact their bottom line.

Selecting a New CRM Platform: Do’s and Don’ts

Selecting the right CRM platform for your business is an important decision that notably affects employee productivity, as well as your ability to improve customer service, satisfaction and increase profits.

The Importance of Use Cases

Tech Republic describes a use case as “a formalized story that describes how someone procedurally interacts with existing or proposed software and

6 Steps to Managing IT Spend

Total IT spend is on the rise, and pressure is likely mounting to increase the IT investment at your Portfolio Companies. Many Private Equity firms are

Achieving Hyper-Growth Series: Part 3 – STRATEGIC PLAN

Developing a clear strategic roadmap is a key ingredient to your growing portfolio company’s success. A Strategic roadmap aligns your People, Process and Technology initiatives with your organization’s business objectives.