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Analytics Hub - AaaS

Top performing companies are data-driven and know how to take action based on their data. In order to truly transform into a data-driven organization, you need to measure performance by tracking your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics. Through our Analytics Hub (Analytics as a Services, or AaaS), we provide our clients with powerful, self-service reports and rich visualizations that expose the value of their data, fuel actionable insights, support decision making and accurately measure performance. Analytics Hub is implemented quickly for a low monthly cost, and most of our clients are live in days. 

Your end-to-end Analytics Platform

We make things simple and get your dashboards live, fast.

  • No implementation cost…you pay a low monthly fee
  • Self-service Analytics on any device from anywhere
  • Share data with your management team, customers and business partners
  • We can work with any data sources
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Powerful Capabilities out of the Box

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  • Pre-built dimensions and dimension design tools

  • ETL templates and code automation

  • Built-in audit and monitoring functions

  • Auto-generated documentation and metadata

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft BI and compatible with ANY front-end BI tool

  • Can be utilized in a SaaS, Cloud or On Premise solution


Why Work With Us?

  • Recognizing that technology is only one component of the solution, we also incorporate people and process into our digital roadmaps.

  • We are technology agnostic Analytics professionals, with deep expertise in all of the leading BI tools, without the bias of a reseller. We are here to align your organization with the right technology.

  • With our expertise in organizational Change Management, we assess your readiness for change and adapt to new process and technology, ensuring that you have a plan designed for maximum adoption of your resources, complete with staff enablement plans.

Want to Gain Powerful Business Insights?

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