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Messina Group is a Trusted Advisor to Private Equity Firms and fast-growing Mid-Market organizations to Accelerate Value Creation at the intersection of Business and Technology

We partner with PE Firms and the Mid-Market C-Suite with a unique, proven Value Creation-Driven approach to Planning and Executing Growth Strategies, Operational Efficiency programs, and Talent Solutions

M&A Solutions

Comprehensive IT/Digital Due Diligence that identifies additional Value Creation opportunities for a holistic assessment of the target's digital readiness for integration and growth so you have the intel you need to avoid investment surprises.

Buy-side | Sell-Side | Carve-out | Rollup | Tuck-In | Red Flag
Accelerate your GTM process and create a more dynamic presentation of your PortCo’s value with Messina’s Deal Analytics dashboards.

Company Solutions

Engage our team of experts pre- and post-deal close to accelerate value creation – from Digital Transformation to Strategic Platform Selections.
Harness your data to gain critical insights into your business for competitive advantage and operational efficiencies to accelerate value creation.
Make data-driven decisions that lead to lasting Sales & Marketing improvement and accelerate your revenue growth.
Raise your talent bar and shorten your time-to-hire, with a strategic and exclusive approach to talent acquisition.

What our Clients are Saying

"I have trusted Messina Group as my Sales and Marketing Advisor for several years. Their team did all the heavy lifting…to more than double my national sales team and … provided the Analytics we needed to help us improve our Pricing decisions and increase our overall Gross Margins."
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National Sales Manager
“My Messina Group team is always responsive, flexible, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.”
Director of Sales Operations
"From the initial strategy through implementation, Messina Group has been instrumental in guiding us through our transformation to a data-driven organization with the insights we need."
“Messina Group helped Republic organize and analyze our data, giving us better insights to make process improvements which yielded significant savings.”
VP of Finance & Principal Accounting Officer

We have more than 30 years of experience
helping our clients solve complex problems.

Featured Solution

Need a Digital Strategy to Grow at Scale?

Successful Business and Digital Transformation delivers a compelling business case and ROI. It’s also risky and complex. Taking on too much too soon, or having priorities out of alignment, creates unnecessary pain.

We partner with our clients to plan, prioritize and execute strategic, data-driven Solutions that are designed to support and accelerate your growth at scale, so you can successfully realize your Value Creation goals.


Innovate and disrupt with game changing digital solutions


Align and prioritize your Digital Transformation Roadmap


Realize value with Quick Wins and effective execution

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